Easy Cell Biology MCQ Quiz 1

Cell biology Mcq quiz with 21 cell biology questions
Cell biology mcq quiz
Cell biology Mcq quiz with 21 cell biology questions
Cell biology MCQ QUIZ

Things to remember before attempting this cell biology MCQ Quiz 1:

  1. There are 21 questions in Cell Biology MCQ Quiz 1 . Attempt all MCQs it’s totally worth it (Don’t do it in final CSIR NET JRF EXAM, as there you will have more freedom of choice for questions and limited time like in final exam you have to answer 25 questions out of 75 , which means you can attempt 1 question out of 3 in 2 hours (give entire 2 hours for part ‘C’ then after completing part ‘C’ go for Part ‘B’ it would be benificial for you). In this Cell Biology MCQ Quiz 1 we haven’t given you optional questions as we have included only selective topics from Cell Biology like :
  • Memberane structure
  • Membrane proteins
  • Lipid rafts
  • FRAP

2. All these 21 cell biology questions has taken directly from CSIR NET Life Science previous year’s question papers. So it may seems difficult for you if you are the beginner, so just go through the entire quiz and read all the questions carefully write down the concepts or words that you have encountered 1st time in life and search them in books and online resources! You can Download Free Cell Biology Books in pdf format provided by biologywala.com.

3. Then after completing your studies again come back to quiz and attempt these cell biology questions you will find it little bit easy than your previous attempt. Repeat this strategy for rest of the test and you will find you are becoming better and better day by day, Remember you can’t learn Life Science in just one day it needs consistent efforts with well planned strategy.

4. The rest cell biology questions we will cover in upcoming test series no. 2nd, 3rd, 4th…! You have 2000 seconds (33 minutes 20 seconds) to complete this test means average 100 seconds for each question) after that answering all cell biology questions quiz will automatically submit and it will generate your result immediately !

5. Some of these cell biology MCQ questions are too short that it takes less than 30 seconds to read hence read cell biology MCQ carefully (invest your time in question once you understand the soul of the question you will win half of your battle there itself) and you don’t need to come back again after reading options which may drive you in state of confusion and ultimate will waste your time.

6. Don’t Skip cell biology questions without answering, attempt all of them, as it will test not just your knowledge but also your mental toughness there will be few questions in exam for which you haven’t studied but just logically by elimination method you can solve this kind of questions which will boost your confidence and understanding of exam pattern.

7. Last but not the least, attempt cell biology MCQ Quiz with full attention without multitasking and any distraction. (If you can’t do it now then don’t attempt it Now, complete your work and then come back, believe me, these cell biology MCQ test won’t go anywhere).

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Cell biology Mcq quiz with 21 cell biology questions

Cell biology test 1

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Phosphatidyl serine (PS) is mostly located in the inner bilayer of plasma membrane of red blood cells (RBCs). You have to prove this fact about PS by an experiment. You are provided with a specific lytic enzyme (PSE) and other reagents needed. Identify the correct sequence of experiment to be carried out to settle this issue. (DEC 2012)

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A typical animal cell (nucleated)  membrane contains glycolipids and glycoproteins in the plasma membrane. To determine its topological distribution, “lectin” is used as probe. The following interaction maybe basis of the probing method:

A) Protein-protein interaction

B) Protein-sugar interaction

C) Protein-lipid interaction

D) Protein-sterol interaction

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In an experiment, red blood cells were subjected to lysis and any unbroken cells were removed by centrifugation at 600g.the supernatant was taken and centrifuged at 100,000g, the plate was extracted with 5 M NaCl and again centrifuged at 100,000g. which of the following protein will be present in supernatant? (DEC 2016)

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Lateral diffusion of proteins in membrane can be followed and diffusion rate calculated by____ (JUNE 2016)

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One population of large unilamellar vesicles (LUV), labelled with a flurophore attached to phosphatidyl ethanolamine is mixed with a population of unlabelled LUV in the ratio of 1:5. A protein is added to these lipid vesicles. Considerable enhancement in the fluorescence is observed this is due to____ .

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Labelling of memberane spanning domain of any integral membrane protein in a given plasma membrane vesicle (without disrupting its structure) in successfully carried out by (JUNE 2016)

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A memory associated protein is composed of “7 Alpha helicase” with each containing 19 hydrophic residue. while treating the membrane with kind of  proteases, a major portion of this protein remains intact treatment with high salt (till 1.5 M NaCl) and buffer with pH 5.0 failed to dissociate this protein from membrane. Predict the most appropriate nature and orientation of this protein in the membrane. (JUNE 2017)

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Spingolipids (S) and cholesterol (C) molecules of the lipid bilayer aggregate into multiple tiny rafts instead of a single large one. Considering that size of a lipid raft depends upon the affinity of S and C for one another and other lipids in the membrane, choose the option that best describes this property.

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Lipid rafts are rich in both spingolipids and cholesterol. Cholesterol plays a central role in raft formation since lipid rafts apparently do not form ill its absence. Why do you think cholesterol is essential for formation of lipid rafts? (DEC 2015).

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Both sphingomylein and phophoglyceride are phospholipids. which one of the following statement is NOT correct?

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Molecules primary responsible for formation of lipid rafts are____ (JUNE 2014).

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Major disadvantage of using liposome as targeted drug delivery vehicle is that____ (JUNE 2012).

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The gel to liquid crystalline phase transition temperature in phosphatidyl choline (PC)  lipids composed of dioleoyl (DO) L, dipalmitoyl (DP), disteroyl (DS) and palmitoyl oleoyl (OP) fatty acids in increasing order will be____ (DEC 2016).

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The gel to liquid crystalline transition temperature (Tm) of phospholipids is dependent on fatty acid composition. Considering this, Tm of ____(JUNE 2013).

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When bacteria growing at 20⁰ C, they are most likely to synthesise membrane lipids with more____ (2015).

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The membrane lipid molecules assemble spontaneously into bilayer when placed in water and form a closed sperical structure known as ____ (DEC 2011).

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Which of the following predicted property of lipid bilayer would result if the phospholipids had only one hydrocarbon chain instead of two?

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Phosphatidyl serine, an important component of biological membrane, is located in ____ (JUNE 2012).

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Glycophorin having one highly hydrophobic domain is able to span phospholipid bilayer membrane only____ (DEC 2015)

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Most common type of phospholipid in the cell membrane of nerve cell is____ (DEC 2011)

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Lipid rafts are involved in signal transduction in cells. raft how composition different from rest of the membrane. Rafts where isolated and found to have cholesterol to spingolipids ratio of 2:1. The estimated size of raft is 35 nm². If surface area of cholesterol is 400 A⁰ and spingolipid is 60 A⁰, how many cholesterol and spingolipids are present in one raft? (JUNE2015)

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