CSIR NET JRF Life Science 2021 Self-preparation VS Coaching which one is the best?


CSIR NET JRF Life Science Self-preparation VS Coaching?

When students think about preparing CSIR NET JRF Life Science exam there are several questions pops up into their mind. Like…How to prepare for the exam? What kind of efforts it takes to qualify? Is it worth and necessary to prepare for CSIR net JRF ? And many more…
 Amongst all of them one question which throws student into mental uncertainty is …
Is it necessary to join coaching classes to crack CSIR NET JRF Life Science”???
In this blog we are going to find out both odd and even sides of joining coaching classes, the worthiness of paying money which we invest, self-preparation & my opinion about the coaching of CSIR NET JRF Life Science.
Just check yourself with the following points One by one which of them relate to you and will benefit you most!

CSIR NET JRF Life Science Coaching classes :

1: Positive side of coaching:

Regularity in routine: when one joins the classes it makes your routine more clear and more regular. It helps you to avoid procrastination that all students have in them in subtle amounts.


To the point of learning: when it comes to life science it has 13 chapters in the syllabus which is itself a huge task to complete. CSIR NET JRF coaching institute faculty knows which topics are more valuable and which topic one can put as optional from the CSIR NET JRF Life Science exam point of view.


Immediate doubt resolution: Doubts are the integrated part of all the exams and the CSIR NET exam is not an exception. Coaching will provide you PLATFORM to immediate doubt solving where you could solve your doubt immediately and you what stuck anywhere.

More test practise: CSIR won’t come to your place to test your knowledge and see how you present it in front of them. 3 hours of exam from 9 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. during exam date is the time to prove it whether you deserve jrf or not. The best way to prove that you deserve to get jrf is to use these 3 hours efficiently. And there is the only way to use your efficiency – practice, and practice!!! Many of the CSIR NET JRF coaching institutes provide you with weekly, monthly, and mock test series which will help you to increase your efficiency during exam time.


Provides a better understanding of the exam: Every coaching institute has its way of decoding the exam pattern which day serves in front of their students. During this period they make their formula of success for the CSIR NET JRF Life Science Exam. This is one of the reasons for the increase in demand for CSIR NET JRF coaching institutes.


The quick and easy way:  Which routine, to the point teaching, immediate doubt solving, and test series practice makes the coaching ecosystem efficient which save your time. And it will help you to get jrf earlier than what students get after self-study (Generally).

Having said that there are few points to worry about coaching classes.

2:Negative side of CSIR NET JRF coaching :



Lack of proper teaching:

There are very few private CSIR NET JRF coaching institutes in India which provides quality teaching in the field of national eligibility test and when it comes to CSIR NET JRF Life Science EXAM the number again codenses. So one should do a proper research while choosing private coaching classes and make sure that the institute has not filled with inefficient and inexperienced teachers. Because joining such institute will hamper your moral, time and also damage you financially as we are paying thousands of rupees.


High peer pressure of competition:

Peer pressure is good until it became the cause of depression. When one joins the coaching you will meet all kinds of students there, Students with higher productivity, higher calibre, better understanding than you and many more. Which may instigate inferiority complex in you. If you won’t handle it properly, it would hamper your productivity and self-esteem.


Unaffordable fees of classes :

Increasing fees of coaching classes has became the major barrier for joining private CSIR NET JRF coaching institutes. In the country like India where per capita income is about 11000 per month it became more difficult. And even after paying and completing course it’s not necessary that everyone will qualify, as it is not insure the JRF you have to give efforts to qualify.

Online or Offline :

Both teaching methodologies have their own pros and cons but our traditional way of teaching makes our self biased towards offline mode of learning. As one can interact with teacher conveniently and can resolve doubts there itself. we would be in the real class room while offline lectures the classroom environment will help you to stay focus on the lecture. This doesn’t work in case of online learning as you would be surrounded with distraction while watching online lectures on laptops or mobile phones.
Online classes is convenient source of learning for all those students who can’t attend offline classes daily on definite period of time due their job, family responsibilities and accommodation issues and mostly due to lockdown and pandemic. While students with no current responsibilities and financial back up for  6 months  (willing to live in other cities away from family and ready to eat tasteless lunch and dinner for entire coaching period) can go with offline mode of classes as  it would be definitely a better option for them because students would be in continuous touch with teachers and other students with same niche. Which helps them to update their strategies regularly and setting up a daily fix routine.
So check yourself with all these points before deciding ONLINE OR OFFLINE.


Coaching Institute  Online Offline Branches
 IFAS  20,000* 37,500 Pune, Jodhpur, Kolkata, Hyderabad.
 Biotecnika  36,000 39,000 Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru, Kolkata.
 VIBS NA  20,000 Baramati
(source: Official website of coaching institutes. 
Note: Fees of all coaching institutes are dynamic in nature for lasted updates please visit to their official websites provided at the end of blog)

NET life science self preparation :

It becomes easy to crack any exam when you have calibre, self discipline and  proper plan of action for CSIR NET JRF LIFE SCIENCE. Self preparation becomes more productive often as the aspirant will be able to learn with their own strategies.
Biologywala.com By: Sachin's Biology

Positive side of self preparation:

  • Optimization of efforts :

    When students  start preparing for CSIR NET JRF Life Science after going through syllabus and question papers they understand their weak areas. Out of 13 units in syllabus one can understand our STRENGTHS and WEAKNESSES by going through SWOT analysis. Keeping these points in mind one can optimise our strategy by improving weak units with clearing basic concepts  understanding the deepness of subject in accordance with CSIR NET JRF Life Science EXAM. While not wasting time in the things that we already know adequately.This is the highlighting point of self preparation where one can work on ourselves and adjust the routine according to own study plan. On the other hand it is not always possible with coaching. Because CSIR NET JRF coaching institutes have their own strategy and routine which won’t allow you to do so.

  • Example: student who has completed there MSc in zoology with specialisation cell biology need not to  waste their time on basic things of cellular organisation instead of it, he can focus on relatively important and difficult topic like biochemistry . Having said that it is necessary to polish your pre-existing knowledge before  attempting questions in test series and final exam.
  • More free time for practice:

    The candidates doing NET life science self preparation generally gets more free time as they are not suppose to attend any lectures and other stuff. It is subjective thing as it totally depends on the students how they use their free time. But getting the free time it’s definitely add on thing.

  • Benefits of self-notes:

      It is not as difficult as  rocket science to understand benefits of notes. It is not only more convenient method of learning but, in fact, it is more effective than the conventional readymade CSIR NET JRF coaching Notes. Every student has their own formula of understanding the concept and when they articulate their thoughts on paper with their own language it became easier to understand notes during last month revision.

  • (I realised the importance of notes making when I was in last year of my Graduation. During first two years I used notes prepare by my seniors , while using it I realised sometimes  they are more difficult than what is their in book . Since then I started preparing my own notes. Preparation of notes its itself huge topic to discuss, but there were two kinds of notes I used to make when I was in masters.)
  • linear Notes: Linear notes method is in which you condense the material you have read and note down the most important points using headings and subheadings.
  • Pattern Notes: In this method you have to begin the topic at the center of the page and each line radiating from it should represent a branch of the main idea.
  • If you really want to know how to make notes then comment below I will elaborate this topic in next blog.
  • Thorough understanding of concept:

    Generally during self preparation aspirants use reference books from University libraries and seniors. From there they can understand and their concept irrespective of deepness level required to qualify CSIR NET JRF Life Science. This extra understanding of concept may not help them in exam but after qualifying exam when they face interview for enrolling Ph.D. course it definitely helped them there. Even the interview your present in panel can easily discriminate between students based on their level of understanding. This is the major reason even after qualifying CSIR NET JRF Life Science and getting there jrf student couldn’t able to impress interview during PhD interview because they lack proper understanding of concepts.


Negative side of self preparation:


Poor understanding of exam:

As I have already mentioned CSIR NET JRF Life Science is totally different than University semester exams, hence the strategy, mind set and time management are deciding factors. during the exam time one should clear about which question we are going to solve in which we are skipping. Remember ultimately we have to solve maximum 75 questions out of 145. And when it comes to deciding section that is part c we need to solve only 25 questions out of 75. I still remember the sentence by Kailash Choudhary sir ” Exam me aap kaun sa question attempt karte ho yah important hai lekin usse bhi jyada important hai ki aap kaun sa question chhod dete Ho without wasting your time”(people who don’t know Kailash Chaudhari sir he is founder of IFAS and NET JRF AIR 1 (In briefly.)


  • Meagreness of proper guidance:

    Guidance is the thing that can’t be ignored by anyone. Student with high calibre and even knowledge couldn’t able to qualify the CSIR NET JRF Life Science Exam just because they lack proper guidance.  There are many CSIR net aspirants preparing for the exam very hard but still couldn’t able to qualify even after 2,3,4 attempts and they are losing their valuable time period of their career. And ultimately lands into inferiority complex and self doubt.

  • Over dependence on Motivation:

    This is common problem in all kinds of students but affects more to  self preparing student because they lack daily triggers which motivates them . Instead of motivation daily fix routine is more important.Simply motivation is temporary source of energy which will force you for study for specific period of time. Motivation comes when you come in contact with external positive energy of era. Private coaching institutes are well aware about this fact and they focus more on building daily routine and inspiring students instead of just motivating them with quotes. Daily lectures and  question practice, doubt solving session help students to build their fix routine. This external positive triggers not necessary work in case of self preparing students.

  • Scarcity of productive study material :

    Students face dilemma while choosing study material as there is ample amount of study material available online and offline in the market. But still very few of them are lucrative. Many aspirants prefers to use a single book containing entire syllabus of 13 topics but these kind of books won’t help you that much. This vacuum can be filled by notes from  candidate who already have qualified CSIR NET JRF Life Science would be a good choice but this is not an ideal case as we have discussed earlier every student has their own way of understanding the concept. So but even it is time consuming preparation of own notes is the better option.


My opinion about CSIR NET JRF coaching classes:

If you ask me whether is it worth it to join coaching classes? Then my answer would be YES IT IS.
If you can afford you should join classes it will definitely a lucrative choice. It will save your time and indirectly money too! But having said that it’s not mandatory that if you join the coaching then you will qualify CSIR NET JRF Life Science. Because IFAS which is the No.1 institute in India for CSIR NET JRF Life Science has a success ratio of 1:2 i.e. 50%.So it’s totally on your efforts that where you will stand. But joining coaching classes does help to qualify CSIR NET JRF Life Science Exam.
hope this much of information is sufficient to resolve all your doubts about CSIR NET JRF coaching and self-preparation if anyone of you have any doubts about CSIR NET JRF coaching classes then here I am proving the official links of classes you can check it. 
IFAS website :
No official websites yet but
Contact number: 9975600982
Question papers of CSIR NET JRF Life Science :
For syllabus question, paper pattern , Marking scheme and references book visit :
Still if you have any doubts please let me know in comment section below !!! If you want regular notification of Biologywala blogs then you can follow us !!!
All the best & keep smiling !!

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Sachin Chavan

Sachin Chavan is a highly accomplished Senior Research Scholar, who holds an impressive academic background. He has achieved an excellent All India Rank 21 in CSIR NET JRF, GATE, and MH-SET. With a specialization in Angiosperm Taxonomy, Sachin has earned his Master's degree in Botany, and he is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Angiosperm Taxonomy and GIS. In addition to his academic excellence, Sachin is also a distinguished Online Content Writer and the Founder of Sachin's Biology and biologywala.com. He is an authority in the field of Biology and has contributed extensively to the online community through his vast knowledge and experience. His contributions have made a significant impact in the field of biology and have helped many students achieve their academic goals.

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