Easy Plant Physiology MCQ QUIZ 1

Plant Physiology mcq quiz , biology mcq
Plant Physiology mcq quiz
Plant Physiology mcq quiz , biology mcq
Plant Physiology mcq quiz

Things to remember before attempting this Plant Physiology MCQ QUIZ:

  1. There are 21 questions in Plant physiology MCQ QUIZ . Attempt all MCQ (it’s totally worth it). Don’t do it in final CSIR NET JRF EXAM, as there you will have more freedom of choice for questions and limited time.
  2. You have 2000 seconds (33 minutes 20 seconds) to complete this test means average 100 seconds for each question) after that quiz will automatically submit and it will generate your result in no time.
  3. Some of these biology MCQ questions are too short that it takes less than 10 seconds to read hence read plant physiology MCQ twice (invest your time in question once you understand the soul of the question you will win half of your battle there itself) and you don’t need to come back again after reading options which may drive you in state of confusion.
  4. Don’t Skip Plant physiology MCQ QUIZ without answering any questions attempt all of them, as it will test not just your knowledge but also your mental toughness there will be few questions in exam for which you haven’t studied but just logically by elimination method you can solve this kind of questions which will boost your confidence and understanding of exam pattern.
  5. Last but not the least, attempt Plant physiology MCQ QUIZ with full attention without multitasking and any distraction. (If you can’t do it now then don’t attempt it Now, complete your work and then come back, believe me, these biology questions test won’t go anywhere).

Now what are you waiting for ???

Let’s start the Quiz :

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Plant Physiology mcq quiz , biology mcq

Plant Physiology test 1

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According to current model of alternative oxidase regulation, the following factors cause induction of alternative oxidase:

A) Significant increase in ubiquitin pool in cytosol.

B) Presence of Alpha-keto acids (like pyruvate and glyoxylate)

C) Cold stress

D) Increase in cytosolic ATP concentration

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The oxidative pentose phosphate pathway provides the reducing equivalents for nitrite reduction in plastid of non green tissues. Which one of the following statements would be CORRECT for the above mentioned pathway ?

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Which one of the following statement is INCORRECT about the role of oxidative pentose phosphate pathway in plant metabolism? ( JUNE 2013)

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Pyruvate dehydrogenase complex has sophisticated regulating mechanism including reversible photophosphorylation. Various metabolites are also able to modulate the dehydrogenase complex. Which one of the following statement is NOT CORRECT ? 

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Which of the following statements with respect to alternative oxidase activity in cyanide resistant respiration in plants is NOT CORRECT? (JUNE2011)

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During the operation of oxidative photosynthetic cycle, which of the following metabolites is transported from chloroplast to peroxisome? (JUNE 2014)

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DCMU its electron transport in chloroplast by preventing the reduction of… (DEC 2016)

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The herbicide, dichlorophenyl dimethylurea ( DCMU), is an inhibitor of (DEC 2016)

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Upon absorption of a photon, a chlorophyll molecule get converted to its excited state when the energy of photon is: (JUNE 2012)

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If an Arabidopsis plant, mutated in lycopene biosynthetic pathway is grown in sunny tropical climate in the presence of oxygen: (JUNE 2013)

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Which one of the following is not characteristics property of carotenoids? (DEC 2014)

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The quantum yield of oxygen evolution during photosynthesis drastically dropped in far-Red Light. This effect is known as: (JUNE 2015)

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Which of the following mechanisms is NOT involved in providing photo protection to plants?

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Photosystem II functions as a light dependent water plastoquinone oxidoreductase. What are the names of two reaction centre Protein that bind electron transport prosthetic group, such as P680, pheophytin and plastoquinone?

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Researcher wanted to study light reaction during photosynthesis by blocking photosynthetic electron flow using the herbicide, dichloro dimethyl urea ( DCMU) and Paraquat. The researcher listed the following observations:

A) Both DCMU and paraquat block the electron flow in photosystem II.

B) Both DCMU and paraquat block electrons in photosystem I.

C) DCMU blocks electron flow in photosystem I while paraquat blocks in photosystem II.

D) DCMU block electron flow in photosystem II while paraquat blocks in Photosystem I.

Which of the following combinations of above statement is INCORRECT ?

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Ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase Oxygenase (RuBisCO) catalyses both carboxylation and oxygenation of ribulose-1, 5-bisphosphate. The latter reaction initiates a physiological process known as ‘photorespiration’. The following are certain statements on photorespiration:

A) The active sites on RuBisCO for Carboxylation and oxygenation are different.

B) One of the steps in photorespiration is conversion of glycine to Serine.

C) 50% of carbon lost in chloroplast due to oxygenation is recovered through photorespiration.

D) The pathway of photorespiration involves chloroplast,  peroxisome and mitochondria.

Which one of the following combinations of about statements is CORRECT ?

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In plants the energy of sunlight is first absorbed by the pigments present in there leaf cells followed by the fixation of carbon through photosynthesis. Consider the following statements:

A) Chlorophylls a and b are abundant in green plants.

B) Chlorophylls c and d are found in some protists and cyanobacteria.

C) Out of different types of bacteriochlorophyll, type ‘a’ the most widely distributed.

D) Out of different types of bacteriochlorophyll, type b is the most widely distributed.


Which one of the following combination of above statements is CORRECT: 


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Following statements are related to oxidative phosphorylation.

A) Redox reaction of electron transport chain coupled with ATP synthesis are collectively called oxidative phosphorylation.

B) Three major processes: glycolysis, oxidative pentose phosphate pathway and citric acid cycle are related to oxidative phosphorylation.

C) Electron transport proteins the bound to outer of the to mitochondria and membranes.

D) In the electron transport chain electrons are transferred to oxygen from NADH.

which one of the following combinations of above statements it’s CORRECT ?

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which one of the following is the correct order of electron transport during light reaction in the thylakoid membrane of chloroplast? ( JUNE 2016)

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The photon intensity captured by green plants is used in the following processes:

  • Photosynthesis
  • Generation of heat
  • Production of toxic products such as superoxide, singlet oxygen etc.
  • Damage to D1 protein of PS II

Based on the above facts photo inhibition will happen when the :

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