KARNATAKA SET Life Science Quiz 2

KARNATAKA SET Life Science Quiz 2
Karnataka SET Life Science Exam

Things to remember before attempting this KARNATAKA SET Life Science Quiz 2:

KARNATAKA SET Life Science Quiz 2
Karnataka SET Life Science Exam

There will be 20 questions in each KARNATAKA SET Life Science Quiz 2. This is the 1st quiz among all 5 KARNATAKA SET Life Science Quiz.

You will get 20 minutes to answer 20 questions. In KARNATAKA SET Life Science Exam 2021 you will get 100 questions for 120 minutes (2hrs).

Here we have given you less time to complete this test, if you can do these questions in a given time you can able to attend KARNATAKA SET Life Science Exam more efficiently and confidently.

Don’t Skip KARNATAKA SET Life Science Quiz without answering any question attempt all of them, as it will test not just your knowledge but also your mental toughness there will be few questions in exam for which you haven’t studied but just logically by elimination method, you can solve this kind of questions which will boost your confidence and understanding of exam pattern.

Last but not the least, attempt KARNATAKA SET Life Science Quiz 1 with full attention without multitasking and any distraction. (If you can’t do it now then don’t attempt it Now, complete your work and then come back, believe me, this KARNATAKA SET Life Science Quiz won’t go anywhere).

Now let’s start the quiz:

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KARNATAKA SET Life Science Quiz 1

KARNATAKA SET Life Science Quiz 2

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Kohler and Milstein are associated with one of the following technique:

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What would be the phenotype of Drosophila, when the X chromosomal :Autosomal set ratio (X : A ratio) is 0.67 ?

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Cancer arising from epithelial cells is called …

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In the DNA replication experiments by Okazaki although he interpreted its results to support semi discontinuous synthesis of DNA, there were objections to this interpretation. Which of the objections was valid requiring further experimentation?

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  • Ground feeding squirrels have one squirrel to stand as a sentinel (guard) to give alarm call if any predator is sighted. This action would put the life of the sentinel at risk. Yet the squirrels do it. This is explained on the basis of …

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Which one of the following statements is INCORRECT to define “Mutation” ?

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During maturation of B cells, the immunoglobulin gene rearrangements occur due to :

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The Maturation Promoting Factor (MPF) of cell cycle is …

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The classical four wings mutant fly

Drosophila melanagaster resulted


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Frankenstein foods are the products …

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Late blight of potato is caused by:

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Historically which was the first genetically modified plant for antibiotic resistance and was produced in 1982 ?

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High yielding and photosynthetically efficient plants are usually …

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Which of the following cloning vectors can be used to clone 3 kb and 300 kb DNA fragments ? Choose the correct order and vectors.

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Which of the following phylum has metameric segmentations ?

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A dense bacterial population caught in a tangled web of fibers sticking to a surface describes

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Which of the following method can be used to enumerate the deer population in a forest ?

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Yeast is an …

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RNA editing is post transcriptional modification that includes addition, deletion or replacement of nucleotides in the mature RNA. Which of the following molecules play a role in mediating this process?

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Pollinating insects and flowering plants depend on each other. The evolution of these two is explained on the basis of …

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Next KARNATAKA SET Life Science Quiz 2 is coming soon. Till then you can read about CSIR NET JRF Life Science :

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This is it for today!!! If you think this article has helped you or you have any suggestions or requirements related to biology questions, then do comment below. Prepare smart and hard for the exam make your family and yourself proud, because NO ONE GONE DO IT FOR YOU !!! See you in the next article.

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