Free MH-SET Life Science online mock Test 3

Free MH-SET Life Science online mock Test 3

This Free MH-SET Life Science online mock Test 3 from has 50 questions each of 2 marks. This test will provide you with online real-time practice and boost your confidence in the MH-SET Life Science Exam

Before you start Free MH-SET Life Science online mock Test 3:

  • There will be 50 questions in each MH-SET Life Science mock Test 3. This is the 3rd Test among all 4 MH-SET Life Science Quiz.
  • Here we have given you less time to complete this test, if you can do these questions in a given time you can able to attend MH-SET Life Science Exam more efficiently and confidently.
  • Don’t Skip MH-SET Life Science online mock Test without answering any question attempt all of them, as it will test not just your knowledge but also your mental toughness there will be few questions in exam for which you haven’t studied but just logically by elimination method, you can solve this kind of questions which will boost your confidence and understanding of exam pattern.
  • Last but not the least, attempt MH-SET Life Science online mock Test 3 with full attention without multitasking and any distraction. (If you can’t do it now then don’t attempt it Now, complete your work and then come back, believe me, this MH-SET Life Science online mock Test won’t go anywhere).

Now let’s start the MH-SET Exam Online Mock Test 3:


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Free MH-SET Life Science online mock Test 3

MH-SET Life Science Test – 3

This MH-SET Life Science Quiz has 50 questions!

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1) A higher supply of glucose inhibits transcription of lac operon because of low synthesis of :

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2) Androgenesis in plants refers to :

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3) Which of the following is not an ex-situ germplasm conservation strategy?

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4) The hormone which substitutes the long photoperiod required for flowering is :

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5) One of the following is a very essential activity before execution of any developmental projects :

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6) Which of the following statements is not true for satellite DNAs ?

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7) A hybrid operon was constructed by fusing the structural genes of trp operon and promoter region of lac operon. Efficient expression of this chimeric operon will require :

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8) During respiration correct sequence of electron acceptors in ATP synthesis is :

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9) A transcription unit is 8000 nucleotides long. If only 15% of this unit is exon, calculate the approximate molecular weight of the protein encoded :

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10) DNA repair mechanisms are able to distinguish newly synthesized DNA strands from older strands because :

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11) Which of the following phosphorylated compounds on hydrolysis will yield the highest amount of energy?

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12) Fungi can synthesize one of the following structural polysaccharides from the beta-glucose :

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13) Which one of the following is a monophyletic group representing entirely parasitic species?

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14) One of the common symptoms of a metabolic disorder is that the patients have lighter hair and skin colour than their siblings. What is the name of this disorder?

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15) Which of the following is the correct set of Lipinski’s rules that helps in predicting poor absorption of a drug molecule in the human physiological system?

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16) The final stable community in an ecological succession is :

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17) Which one of the following is not a functional unit of an ecosystem?

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18) Cyanide or azide used in poisoning, irreversibly binds to ………………. that acts as a critical link between aerobic respiration and oxygen.

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19) Klinefelter’s Syndrome is identified by one of the following karyotypes?

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20) What is the normal role of restriction of an enzyme in bacterial cells?

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21) The tryptophan operon in Escherichia coli demonstrates level of regulation called ……………… by the termination of transcription if tryptophan is abundant in cells.

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22) Which of the following transmits ‘Yellow fever’ and ‘West Nile fever?

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23) The highest level of succinic dehydrogenase is found in which one of the following muscle fiber types?


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24) The traditional division of the flowering plants into monocots and dicots is not followed into …………….. system of classification.

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25) Active transport of a substance across a membrane requires :

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26) Most fungi derive nutrition through :

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27) Cytokinines are :

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28) The coiled cochlea is found in :

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29) Some behaviour patterns appear only after a specific developmental stage or time. This stage/time is called :

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30) The absorbance A, of a 5 × 10–4 M solution of the amino acid tyrosine, at a wavelength of 280 nm, is 0.75. The path length of the cuvette is 1 cm. What is the molar absorption coefficient ()?

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31) Secondary confirmation of a globular protein in the solution can be best determined by :

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32) The transition from mitotically dividing spermatogonia to meiotically dividing spermatocytes is promoted by :

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33) The nerve impulse :

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34) Which of the following sequence of biomass is not correct?

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35) The radioactive iodine (131I) has a half-life of eight days. The amount of 0.5 g sample left after 32 days would be :

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36) ATP can be formed from ADP by the direct transfer of a phosphoryl group from phosphoenolpyruvate. Such type of reaction is called as :

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37) Which of the following viruses has DNA as its genome?

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38) Two proteins have the same molecular weight and same isoelectric point. The best way to resolve them would be by :

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39) The unit of pollen dispersal in Calotropis is :

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40) Root Inducing (RI) plasmid was derived from :

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41) Synaptogenesis helps in :

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42) In developing brain, notch signaling:

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43) Which one of the following enzymes can alter the linking number of the covalently closed circular forms of DNA?

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44) The term carcinoma is applicable to malignant growth of :

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45) Pseudo-metameric segmentation is a feature of one of the following :

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46) Microtubules are composed of :

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47) The grafting experiment of Hammerling established the role of the nucleus in heredity. The experimental material used in this experiment was :

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48) Monooxygenases that catalyze the additions of –OH during steroid biosynthesis and drug detoxifications are present in :

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49) Arenicola and Amphitrite are :

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50) Heterocyst from cyanobacteria contains enzyme :

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