[DOWNLOAD] Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies PDF Book

[DOWNLOAD] Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies PDF Book
[DOWNLOAD] Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies PDF Book

In this article [DOWNLOAD] Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies PDF Book you can download the book Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies PDF Book.

Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies is one of the easiest books to understand the difficult concepts in Molecular and Cell Biology Subjects.

Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummie :

Author: René Fester Kratz

Pages: 389

Publication: Wiley Publishing, Inc.

About the Book: Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies

Molecular & Cellular Biology For Dummies is an overview of the fundamentals of molecular and cellular biology. The author’s goal is to explain each topic in a clear and straightforward fashion, keeping scientific jargon to a minimum. she wants this Molecular & Cellular Biology For Dummies to be understandable by anyone who picks it up, even if they don’t have a science background. To help you understand what is sometimes a complex science, she shares every analogy, funny story, and memory trick that she has gathered in her ten years of teaching this subject. These types of gimmicks help students wrap their brains around the fundamental principles of molecular and cellular biology, and hope these strategies will help you, too.

In Molecular & Cellular Biology For Dummies, she emphasizes the main concepts and fundamental processes that are at the heart of molecular and cellular biology. When she had to make a choice between getting the main idea across or including every molecular detail of a process, she chose the main idea. she thought that once you understand the main concept or the big events of a process, you can later add in details fairly easily. However, if you try to tackle a complicated process and every little detail at the same time, you can hit information overload and not really understand anything at all. The author emphasis on main ideas and events will make the subject of molecular and cellular biology easier, but that doesn’t mean the topic will be easy. The world of the cell is complex and busy with detailed processes, so understanding molecular and cellular biology is a challenge for most people. Hope that this Molecular & Cellular Biology For Dummies will help you succeed in that challenge.

[DOWNLOAD] Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies PDF Book
[DOWNLOAD] Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies PDF Book

About the Author: René Fester Kratz

René Fester Kratz, PhD, grew up near the ocean in Rhode Island. From a young age, she wanted to be a teacher (because she loved her teachers at school) and a biologist (because her dad was one). She graduated from Warwick Veterans Memorial High School and then went on to major in biology at Boston University. As a freshman and sophomore at BU, René got excited by subjects other than biology and even considered changing her major. Then, she met and studied under Lynn Margulis, who reignited René’s love of biology and introduced her to the world of microbes.

René graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology from BU and then went on to get a master’s and a doctorate degree in botany from the University of Washington. At UW, René studied reproductive onset in Acetabularia acetabulum, a marine green alga that grows as single cells big enough to pick up with your fingers. René currently teaches biology and general science classes at Everett Community College in Everett, Washington. René spends most of her time introducing students to the wonders of cells and microbes as she teaches cellular biology and microbiology.

René also has a strong interest in science education and science literacy for everyone. As a member of the North The Cascades and Olympic Science Partnership, she helped create inquiry-based science courses for future teachers that are based on research on human learning. René loves teaching these courses because they make science accessible for all kinds of people. In the summer, René enjoys working with K–12 teachers on the improvement of science education in public schools. René also enjoys writing about science and is the author of Microbiology The Easy Way for Barron’s Educational Press.

Contents in Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies:

Sr. No.ContentPage No.
Part I: The World of the Cell7
Chapter 1Exploring the World of the Cell9
Chapter 2Take a Tour Inside the Cell15
Chapter 3Dead or Alive: Viruses37
Part II: Molecules: The Stuff of Life51
Chapter 4Better Living through Chemistry53
Chapter 5Carbohydrates: How Sweet They Are77
Chapter 6Proteins: Workers in the Cellular Factory85
Chapter 7DNA and RNA: Instructions for Life101
Chapter 8Lipids: Waterproof and Energy Rich111
Part III: The Working Cell119
Chapter 9Hello, Neighbor: How Cells Communicate121
Chapter 10Metabolism: Transferring Energy and Matter135
Chapter 11 Cellular Respiration: Every Breath You Take155
Chapter 12Photosynthesis: Makin’ Food in the Kitchen of Life185
Chapter 13Splitsville: The Cell Cycle and Cell Division201
Part IV: Genetics: From One Generation to the Next209
Chapter 14Meiosis: Getting Ready for Baby211
Chapter 15 Mendelian Genetics: Talkin’ ’Bout the Generations223
Chapter 16Expect the Unexpected: Non-Mendelian Patterns of Inheritance241
Part V: Molecular Genetics: Reading the Book of Life255
Chapter 17DNA Synthesis: Doubling Your Genetic Stuff257
Chapter 18Transcription and Translation: What’s in a Gene?267
Chapter 19Control of Gene Expression: It’s How You Play Your Cards That Counts285
Part VI: Tools of Molecular Biology: Harnessing the Power of DNA303
Chapter 20Recombinant DNA Technology: Power Tools at the Cellular Level305
Chapter 21Genomics: The Big Picture325
Part VII: The Part of Tens337
Chapter 22Ten Important Rules for Cells to Live By339
Chapter 23Ten Ways to Improve Your Grade349
[DOWNLOAD] Molecular and Cell Biology for Dummies PDF Book

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