Molecular Biology MCQ Quiz

molecular biology mcq quiz, molecular biology test
molecular biology mcq quiz
molecular biology mcq quiz, molecular biology test
Molecular Biology MCQ Quiz

Before attempting this Molecular Biology MCQ Quiz few tips:

  1. There are 21 questions in this introductory molecular biology MCQ quiz.
  2. Attempt all molecular biology questions ( it’s totally worth it). Don’t do it in final CSIR NET JRF EXAM, as there you will have more freedom of choice for questions and limited time.
  3. Give each question 100 seconds (Except last 2 questions), read questions twice (invest your time in question once you understand the soul of the question you will win half of your battle there itself) and you don’t need to come back again after reading options which may drive you in state of confusion.
  4. Don’t Skip question without answering it , as it will test not just your knowledge but also your mental toughness .
  5. Last but not the least , attempt molecular biology MCQ quiz with full attention without multitasking and any distraction. ( If you can’t do it now then don’t attempt it Now, complete your work and then come back , believe me , the quiz wouldn’t go anywhere.)

Now scroll down & Start molecular biology test ! What are you waiting for ???

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molecular biology mcq quiz, molecular biology test

Molecular biology Test 1

Molecualar Biology Quiz for CSIR NET JRF EXAM Life Science

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Presence of an internal ribosomal entry site ( IRES) in mRNA …. ( JUNE 2012)

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During Protein synthesis in prokaryotes, the peptidyl transferase activity required for peptide bond formation is due to…. (JUNE 2014)

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  1. The specificity of tRNA recognition by a aminoacyl tRNA synthetase that is intrinsic to the tRNA molecule lies on…. ( DEC 2012)

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Aminoacyl tRNA are escorted to the ribosome by the elongation factor…. ( JUNE 2017)

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Which of the following processes does not take place in the 5′—>3′ direction?

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The 5′ cap of RNA is required for the … ( JUNE 2011)

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In bacteria, heat-shock response is primarily controlled by…. ( JUNE 2015)

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Reverse transcriptase has both ribonuclease and polymerase activities. The ribonuclease activity is required for… ( DEC 2011)

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Telomerase, a RNA- protein Complex which completes the replication of telomeres during DNA synthesis, is a specialised…. ( DEC 2016)

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During replication, the RNA primer is degraded by the 5′—> 3′ exonuclease activity of…. (DEC 2014)

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In eukaryotic replication, helicase loading occurs at all replicators during… ( DEC 2015)

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A culture medium contains two carbon sources, one is preferred carbon source ( glucose) and second is a non-preferred source ( lactose). Which one below is correct regarding the nature of growth curve of E. coli. cultured in this medium? ( DEC 2015)

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E. coli cells are growing in medium containing lactose but no glucose. Indicate the expression status of the lac operon if glucose is added to culture.

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E. coli is being grown in a medium containing both glucose and galactose. On depletion of glucose, expression of B-galactosidase will ( JUNE 2016).

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The lac operon in E. coli., is controlled by both the lac repressor and the catabolite activation protein (CAP). In an in vivo experiment with lac operon, the following observations are made: A) cAMP levels are high B) Repressor is bound with allolactose C) CAP is interacting with RNA polymerase (JUNE 2012)

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Deamination of bases is the common chemical event that produces spontaneous mutations. Which one of the following bases will be formed by deamination of 5methyl’Cytosine ?

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Which one of the following sentence is NOT correct:

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Error-free repair of double strand breaks in DNA is accomplished by ( JUNE 2016)

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