[Download] Free Objective BIOLOGY NEET PDF book vol I and II 3rd edition

[Download] Free Objective BIOLOGY NEET PDF book
[Download] Free Objective BIOLOGY NEET PDF book

[Downlaod] Free Objective BIOLOGY NEET PDF book and other Medical Entrance Examination Third Edition PDF Book help students to motivate and become future Doctors. Objective BIOLOGY NEET PDF book and other Medical Entrance Examinations is comprehensive practice material for students aspiring to get admission into prestigious medical colleges. The contents of this book have been carefully drafted to help students master the latest trends in questions from across key medical entrance examinations. This book can also be used as a resource to prepare for class XI and XII board examinations—based on NCERT.

The download link is at the end of this article, you can directly go there and download the Objective BIOLOGY for NEET and Other Medical Entrance Examination Third Edition PDF Book but it is recommended that before downloading the book you should read about it, to get the most out of the book. 

About The Objective BIOLOGY NEET PDF Book:

Name Objective BIOLOGY for NEET and Other Medical Entrance Examination.

Volume: 1

Edition: 3rd

Publication: Pearson

Pages: 521

[Download] Free Objective BIOLOGY NEET PDF book
[Download] Free Objective BIOLOGY NEET PDF book

About The Author:

Dr Rajiv Vijay, MBBS
Government Medical College, Kota

Dr Rajiv Vijay completed his schooling at JNV HURDA, Bhilwara, Rajasthan and qualified for MBBS through PMT in 1997. After completing his MBBS in 2003 from Government Medical College, Kota, he established his Medical and Engineering Entrance Coaching Institute in Vadodara (Gujarat) which is today known as RJ VISION Pvt. Ltd.

In his career of 16 years, he has taught a lot of students and most of them are extremely successful in various reputed pre-medical entrance examinations. In 2011, he was selected as the head of the pre-medical division of Resonance, Kota. As the head of the pre-medical division and HOD of biology, he nurtured, developed, installed and supervised the pre-medical division at Kota and all centres across India.

Many of his students have secured excellent ranks in different types of medical entrance examinations in India and have enrolled in prestigious medical colleges like AIIMS, SMS Jaipur, KEM Mumbai, AFMC Pune and JIPMER Puducherry, etc. The author also mentors his students through free video lectures on his YouTube page, www.youtube.com/c/drrajiv_vijay.

Highlights of Objective BIOLOGY NEET PDF book:

• Structured as per class XI and XII syllabus of NCERT.
• Content designed to help maximise scores.
• Assertion and Reason questions to aid in preparing for AIIMS and similar exams.
• Previous year’s question embedded in every chapter.
• Includes the latest NEET solved paper for practice.
• Mock tests and sample papers for students’ self-practice.

In my experience, I would suggest that before starting any chapter of this book, a student should meticulously scan the theory and diagrams of the NCERT Textbook and complete a minimum of three rounds of reading its chapters. In my opinion, the Objective BIOLOGY NEET PDF book will prove to be an asset and will serve to fulfil the requirement of the medical aspirants.


Trend Analysis of NEET Biology From 2010–2017: Here they explain the trend of questions. Showing how many questions are asked per chapter from 2010 to 2017 years.

Trend Analysis 2010 – 2017

Ch. NoChapter NameNumber of Question(s) in
1The Living World01010011
2Biological Classification38416254
3Plant Kingdom31344423
4Animal Kingdom43144333
5Morphology of Flowering Plants34425554
6Anatomy of Flowering Plants34532412
7Structural Organisations in Animals13212222
8Cell: The Unit of Life44534454
10Cell Cycle and Cell Division21223232
11Transport in Plants00010120
12Mineral Nutrition34311212
14Respiration in Plants10021001
15Plant Growth and Development20024212
16Digestion and Absorption22112221
17Breathing and Exchange of Gases20121222
18Body Fluids and Circulation35012312
19Excretory Products and their Elimination35111213
20Locomotion and Movement00131222
21Neural Control and Coordination12323231
22Chemical Coordination and Regulation42332121
23Reproduction in Organisms01130012
24Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants45363453
25Human Reproduction133433322
26Reproductive Health12233123
27Principles of Inheritance and Variations54244374
28Molecular Basis of Inheritance41424635
30Human Health and Disease35622642
31Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production23211212
32Microbes in Human Welfare32721010
33Biotechnology: Principles and processes52523031
34Biotechnology and its Applications33112324
35Organisms and Environment24024231
37Biodiversity and its Conservation13214221
38Environmental Issues44332334
 Total Questions1001001009090909090

serial NoChapter Namepage No.
Unit IDiversity in the Living World
1) living world 1.3–1.16
2) Biological classification2.1–2.22
3) Plant Kingdom3.1–3.30
4) Animal Classification4.1–4.32
Unit iiStructural Organization in Plants and Animals
5) Plant Morphology5.3–5.26
6) Anatomy of Flowering Plants6.1–6.24
7) Structural Organization in Animals
Unit IIICell: Structure and Functions
8) Cell: The Unit of Life 8.3–8.30
9) Biomolecules9.1–9.26
10) Cell Cycle and Cell Division10.1–10.20
Unit IVPlant Physiology
11) Transport in Plants 11.3–11.24
12) Mineral Nutrition12.1–12.18
13) Photosynthesis in Higher Plants13.1–13.22
14) Respiration in Plants14.1–14.14
15) Plant Growth and Development15.1–15.22
Unit V Human Physiology
16) Digestion and Absorption 16.3–16.22
17) Breathing and Exchange of Gases17.1–17.22
18) Body Fluids and Circulation18.1–18.26
19) Excretory Products and Their Elimination19.1–19.28
20) Locomotion and Movement20.1–20.22
21) Neural Control and Co-ordination21.1–21.22
22) Chemical Co-ordination and Integration22.1–22.22
[Download] Free Objective BIOLOGY NEET PDF book

Volume- ll

Serial No.Chapter NamePage No.
Unit I Reproduction
1) Reproduction in Organisms 1.3–1.24
2) Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plant2.1–2.38
3) Human Reproduction 3.1–3.34
4) Reproductive Health 4.1–4.16
Unit II Genetics and Evolution
5) Principles of Inheritance and Variation 5.3–5.42
6) Molecular Basis of Inheritance 6.1–6.32
7) Evolution7.1–7.32
Unit III Biology in Human Welfare
8) Human Health and Disease 8.3–8.34
9) Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production 9.1–9.18
10) Microbes in Human Welfare10.1–10.22
Unit IV Biotechnology
11) Biotechnology Principles and Processes 11.3–11.24
12) Biotechnology and Its Application12.1–12.18
Unit V Ecology
13) Organisms and Populations 13.3–13.30
14) Ecosystem 14.1–14.22
15) Biodiversity and Conservation 15.1–15.18
16) Environmental Issues16.1–16.20
Mock Test 1M1.1–M1.6
Mock Test 2M2.1–M2.10
Mock Test 3M3.1–M3.8
Sample Paper-IS1.1–S1.8
Sample Paper-IIS2.1–S2.8
Sample Paper-IIIS3.1–S3.8
[Download] Free Objective BIOLOGY NEET PDF book

Sachin’s biology highly recommends this book to all junior college students not just for the quality of content in the book but for the trust teachers have shown in this book for the preparation for the NEET exam.

Hope you have [Download] the Free Objective BIOLOGY NEET PDF book. If you are unable to [Download] the Free Objective BIOLOGY NEET PDF book or have other technical problems then you can let us know on Instagram.

Do comment below if you can download the Objective BIOLOGY NEET PDF book and if this blog helped you, it means a lot and will give us the energy to work with the same enthusiasm in future! We will send you anyhow. this is it for today. See you in the Next article, Thank you!

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