[Download] A Text Book Of Practical Botany 2 | Bendre Kumar Practical Botany PDF Book

[Download] A Text Book Of Practical Botany 2 | Bendre Kumar practical botany pdf book

[Download] A Text Book Of Practical Botany 2 | Bendre Kumar practical botany pdf book is one of the ideal books that many M.Sc. botany students use for their master’s degree.

About A Text Book Of Practical Botany 2 :

Name: A Text Book Of Practical Botany 2


Volume: 2


Pages: 464

About the content:

A Text Book Of Practical Botany 2 is a good go-to book for all botany students. The book includes nearly all the practical aspects of botany like Taxonomy, economic botany, embryology, anatomy, ecology, physiology, biostatistics, cytology and genetics in a pointed manner.

It doesn’t bore you with lots of information which is not necessary while writing your journals and taking notes.

Who should read this book?

The book is meant to serve students at the upper-undergraduate and graduate levels in plant systematics or taxonomy courses, although portions of the book may be used in practical courses and much of the book could be used in courses in plant morphology, diversity, or general botany. Each unit for the practical exam has been designed for easy understanding of students. Every aspect of the practical protocol has been incorporated into the book.

Table of Content:

Sr. No.Chapter NamePage No.
1Introduction1 – 11
2The Method of Studying Angiospermic Plant12 – 52
3Description of Plants53-219
4Plants and Human Welfare220-233
5Embryology of Angiosperms234-246
7Illustrated Glossary of Anatomical Terms315 – 324
8Ecology325 – 361
9Biostatistics (Biometry)362 – 369
10Cytology and Genetics370 – 388

You can download the book from the link given below:

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