[Free] CSIR NET Life Science Online Mock Test 1

[Free] CSIR NET Life Science Online Mock Test 1
[Free] CSIR NET Life Science Online Mock Test 1

CSIR NET Life Science online mock test has 50 part B Questions and 25 part C Questions, which will provide you real-time question practice and will increase your efficiency and productivity during CSIR NET JRF Life Science Exam.

[Free] CSIR NET Life Science Online Mock Test 1

Let’s start CSIR NET Life Science Online Mock Test 1

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[Free] CSIR NET Life Science Online Mock Test 1

CSIR NET JRF Life Science Mock Test 1

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Which one of the following is the correct function of JAZ (JASMONATE ZIM- DOMAIN) protein family, a key regulator of Jasmonic Acid (JA) signalling response?

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Following are the events that might take place during demoventral axis specification in early embryonic development of Drosophila:

A. ‘Torpedo’ receptor activation
B. ‘Pipe’ synthesis
C. A cascade of protease activity
D. ‘Cactus’ dephosphorylation
E. Entry of ‘Dorsal’ in the nuclei of syncytial blastoderm stage

Which combination of the above events will occur in the presumptive dorsal side of the embryo deficient in maternal gurken?

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Two siblings who inherit 50% of the genome from the mother and 50% from the father show lot of phenotypic differences. Which one of the following events during gametogenesis of the parents will maximally contribute to this difference ? ( DEC 2015)

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In an intact cell patch-clamp experiment …

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In Burkitt’s Lymphoma a reciprocal translocation between chromosome 8 and 14 is observed. If an individual is heterozygous for this translocation, the consequence in meiosis will be as follows:

A. Four chromosomes, i.e., normal chromosome 8 and 14, and translocated chromosome 8 and 14, pair together
B. The two normal chromosomes 8 and 14, and-two translocated chromosomes pair separately
C. All gametes produced from this meiosis are non-viable as they have deletions and duplications
D. In one of the cross configurations called “alternate segregation” all gametes having normal or translocated chromosomes, survive
E. The gametes having normal chromosomes only survive while all gametes having translocated chromosomes are non-viable, hence the translocations are used as crossover suppressors.

Which of the following combinations best describes the meiotic consequences for the translocation described above ?

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Which one of the following proteins acts both as an activator and repressor of transcription?

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Which one of the following statements about chromatin is NOT true?

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Choose the correct statement from the following:

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Two mutant plants, both bearing white flowers, were crossed. All F1 plants had red coloured flowers. When an F1 plant was selfed it produced progeny with either red or white coloured flowers in 9:7 ratio. Based on this information, which one of the following conclusions is correct?

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How many genetically different gametes can be made by an individual of genotype AaBbccDDEe ? (JUNE 2011)

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The plant hormone, Gibberellic Acid is generally NOT associated with …

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2 During eukaryotic protein synthesis, stress conditions result in activation of specific kinases leading to phosphorylation of a key translation initiation factor that inhibits protein synthesis from a large number of cellular mRNA. Which one of the following factors is the target of the kinase?

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C. elegans embryo uses both autonomous and conditional modes of specification. Conditional specification at the 4-cell stage can be seen in the development of the endoderm cell lineage and also in the establishment of dorsal-ventral axis. Following are few statements regarding this:

A. If the P2 cell is removed at the early 4-cell stage, the EMS cell will divide into two MS cells and no endoderm will be made.
B. In pop-1 deficient embryos, both EMS daughter cells become E cells.
C. When the position of ABa and ABp was reversed, their fates get reversed and no normal embryo forms.
D. In embryos whose mother have mutant glp-1, ABp is transformed into ABa cell.

Which of the above statements are true?

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Major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules are encoded by a cluster of genes called MHC locus. There are several reasons why an MHC molecule on the surface of a cell is important.

Which one of the following reasons is INCORRECT?

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Sphingolipids (S) and cholesterol (C) molecules of the lipid bilayer aggregate into multiple tiny rafts instead of a single large one. Considering that size of a lipid raft depends on the affinity of S and C for one another and other lipids in the membrane, choose the option that best describes this property

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Which one of the following is NOT involved with the absorption of iron in the intestine?

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Mammillary bodies are present in …

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Phages are collected from an infected E. coli donor strain of genotype cys+Leu+thr+ and used to transduce a recipient of genotype cys-Leu-thr-, The treated recipient population is plated on a minimal medium supplemented with leucine and threonine. Many colonies grew. Which one of the following combination of genotypes are appropriate for the colonies that grew?

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The plant hormone, Gibberellic Acid is generally NOT associated with …

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A polymer is synthesized from an achiral amino acid.
Conformation of the polymer can be investigated by the following
A. Fibre diffraction
B. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
C. Circular dichroism spectroscopy.
D. Differential scanning calorimetry
Choose the combination which would indicate that the polymeradopts a helical conformation

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Genes A, B and C control three phenotypes which assort independently; A plant with genotype AaBbCc is selfed. What is the probability for progeny which show the dominant phenotype for at least one of the phenotypes controlled by genes A,B and C? ( JUNE 2015)

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Given below are some statements on secondary metabolites in plants.
A. Glucosinolates are synthesized by elongation in the length of side chains of their precursor amino acids. B. All terpenes produced in herbs and spices are sticky, oily liquids which reduces the palatability (edible value) of these plants.
C. Cyanogenic glycosides are produced and stored in a toxic form in plants and are therefore more effective in defense against invading pathogens and herbivores.
D. The defense molecules, alkaloids (or their precursors), are gathered from plants and used by some insects for their own protection against predators.
Which one of the following represents correct statements?

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Which one of the following statements regarding use of hybrid nucleases for plant genome engineering is INCORRECT?

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Which of the following statements about YACs is FALSE?

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In a given experiment, transplantation of micromeres from the vegetal pole of a 16-cell sea urchin embryo onto the animal pole of a host 16-cell sea urchin embryo would initiate:

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Junctions which tether cytoskeletal filaments inside the cell are known as …

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Based on ABC model during flower development, loss of class A activity results in the formation of only stamen and carpel. Which of the following floral organ identity genes controls the class A activity?

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In E. coli, though DNA polymerase I (Pol I) plays an essential role in the replication process, it is not the major polymerase. Instead, the enzyme responsible for advancement of replication fork is Pol III. From the four DNA structures (A, B, C and D) given below, students made several interpretations about the shorter arm being extended by Pol I and/or Pol III

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A researcher developed quadruple mutant that disrupted the function of all phytochrome interacting factor (PIF) family members. The following hypotheses were proposed regarding the phenotype of the mutant plants when grown in dark:

A. Plants would show short hypocotyls
B. Plants would be etiolated
C. Light induced genes would be activated
D. The cotyledons would be open
Which one of the following combinations of the above hypotheses is correct?

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A specific Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase (MAPK) cascade comprising MEKK1(a MAP3K), MKK1 (a MAP2K) and MPK6 (a MAPK) is activated sequentially in that order in Arabidopsis plants upon perceiving certain abiotic stress stimuli. The activated MPK6 phosphorylates and activates a transcription factor ‘X’, thereby making plant tolerant to the abiotic stress. Two different variants of MKK l protein, a kinase inactive (KI) and a constitutively active (CA) forms were expressed independently in mkk1 mutant Arabidopsis plant. Considering above facts, which one of the following statements is CORRECT?

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In which one of the body fluids is K+ concentration higher than that of Na+ ?

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Of the following meiotic events

A) Formation of synaptonemal complex.

B) Crossing over

C) Arrangements of chromosomes at the equatorial plate at metaphase I.

D) Separation of chromatids at anaphase II.

Which one [s] lead to variation? (DEC 2013 GU)

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Reflex ovulation does NOT occur in …

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Which one of the following statements is NOT TRUE about homologous characters?

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Among the following statements, which is the correct one that
refers to a Holotype?

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Which one of the following statements regarding limb development in mice is true?

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Which of the following host systems is best suited to express large amounts of glycosylated protein for structural studies?

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Which one of the following statements is true about xylem in plants?

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In all organisms, it is critical that replication initiation be tightly controlled to ensure that chromosome number and cell number remain appropriately balanced. Given below are several statements regarding regulation of replication in E. coli.

A. Hemimethylation and sequestration of oriC ( origin of replication) by a protein called SeqA prevents initiation of replication.
B. Availability of DnaA protein is an important requirement for initiation of replication.
C. The ratio of ADP : ATP is important as high level of ADP is required for initiation of replication.
D. Recruitment of Hda protein by sliding clamp inhibits ATP hydrolysis required for initiation of replication.

Which of the above statements are NOT true?

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In a heterozygous individual for a given gene, if a crossing over has occurred between the gene locus and centromere of the chromosome, the segregation of two alleles of the given gene will occur during meiosis at … ( DEC 2015)

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In the context of diversity patterns of species, which one of the following statements is INCORRECT?

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Select a cellular body which is NOT a part of the nuclear bodies:

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Which of the following statements is INCORRECT about a keystone species?

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Match the coenzymes in column I serving as transient. Carriers of specific atoms or functional groups in column II

Select correct combinations from the options given below:

[Free] CSIR NET Life Science Online Mock Test 1

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In a type of signal transduction pathway, ligand binding to a receptor triggers activation of a receptor-associated kinase. This kinase may be an intrinsic part of the receptor protein or tightly bound to the receptor. Receptors in which the tyrosine kinase is an intrinsic part of it’s polypeptide chain are called the receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK). Which one of the following statements regarding RTK is INCORRECT?

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Which one of the following microscopes would you use to visualize a protein fused to an appropriate reporter in a living cell?

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What would be the effect on newt limb regeneration, if more than 90% of the nerve supply is severed before amputation?


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Which one of the following human serum immunoglobulins takes part in classical complement fixation pathway?

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The photon intensity captured by green plants is used in the following processes:
(i) Photosynthesis
(ii) Generation of heat
(iii) Production of toxic products such as superoxide, singlet oxygen etc.
(iv) Damage to D1 protein of PSII Based on the above facts, photoinhibiton will happen when the:

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From the following statements
A. Enzymes enhance reaction rates by a factor of 2 to 10.
B. The activation energy for a reaction is lowered by enzymes.
C. The interactions between enzymes and . substrates are hydrogen
bonding, hydrophobic and ionic.
D. Substrate concentration does not affect the rate of enzyme
catalyzed reactions.

Pick the combination with all INCORRECT statements.

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Match the following cleavage patterns with the species in which they occur.


Biologywala.com By: Sachin's Biology

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Which one of the following is a group of signalling molecules that act as morphogens during development of an organism and its effects are mediated through the receptor Patched and its binding partner Smoothened?

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During eukaryotic cell division, metaphase to anaphase transition is regulated by degradation of …

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You have discovered a new transposon, TnX, and would like to identify its mode of replication. A heteroduplex of the TnX sequence is made with a few mismatches and introduced into bacteria. The newly transposed genomic loci are sequenced. You find that the sequence of the transposon matched exactly with one of its parent strands. This suggests that …

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Indicate the INCORRECT statement from the following:

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Which one of the following is the correct function of JAZ (JASMONATE ZIM- DOMAIN) protein family, a key regulator of Jasmonic Acid (JA) signalling response?

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Which one of the following statements is NOT TRUE about the Neutral Theory as proposed by Motoo Kimura?

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Out of the statements mentioned below

A. L-threonine and L-allo-threonine interact identically with plane polarized light.

B. van der Waals’ interactions are always attractive.

C. Poly (pro) II-helix is not stabilized by intermolecular hydrogen bonds.
D. The folding of a protein is associated with an overall positive change in free energy and negative change in entropy.

E. Lysine acetylation on histone is associated with loosening of the
histone complex from DNA

Which of the following combinations is CORRECT?

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In a signalling event, binding of an extracellular ligand activates G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) that eventually activates phospholipase C- . Which one of the following statements truly reflects the function of phospholipase C- ?

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Given below are growth equations where dN/dt is defined as
A. rN/K

B. rNC. rN[(K-N)/N]

D. rN[(K-N)/K]

With reference to the above equations, which one of the following
statements is correct?

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Two classes of genes – proto-oncogene and tumor suppressor gene usually contribute to the development of cancer. Following  are some of the statements regarding both the genes.

A. Proto-oncogenes result in the development of cancer by gain-offunction mutation whereas tumor suppressor gene leads to cancer development by loss of-function mutation.

B. Proto-oncogenes result in development of cancer by loss-offunction mutation whereas tumor suppressor gene leads to cancer development by gain of-function mutation

C. Mutation in both the alleles of a protooncogene is required for induction of cancer whereas mutation in one of the two alleles in tumor suppressor gene is sufficient for promoting tumorigenesis.

D. Mutation in one of the two alleles in proto-oncogene is sufficient for induction of cancer whereas mutation in both the alleles of a tumor suppressor gene is required for promoting tumorigenesis.

Which combinations of the above statements are true for both the genes?

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A highly specific inhibitor that targets the phosphorylation activity of TFIIH is added to an in vitro transcription reaction. Which one of the following steps is most likely to be affected?

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A researcher exposed Drosophila larvae to 37°C during their growth. One of the adult flies that emerged had a crossveinless phenotype. Crossveinless is a known mutant in Drosophila. When this crossveinless fly was crossed to a known crossveinless mutant fly all the progeny had normal phenotype. The observed phenotype can be best explained as an example of …

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Which one of the following is NOT a phenotype of dark-grown seedlings that are etiolated?

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One of the mechanisms used by bacteria for adaptation to changed environment is altering transcription of their genes. In this regard, which one of the following responses is NOT found in bacteria?

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Several types of molecules including the transmembrane glycoproteins can function as matrix receptors and co-receptors. However, the principal receptors on animal cells for binding most extracellular matrix proteins are the integrins.

Which of the following statements is NOT true for integrins?

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The ɸ and Ψ values of a -strand composed of all D-amino acids will mainly occupy which quadrant in the Ramachandran plot?

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Which one of the following is NOT a phenotype of dark-grown seedlings that are etiolated?

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Identification of genes that are associated with the development of male and/or female gametophyte and embryogenesis in plants is facilitated by T-DNA mediated insertional mutagenesis.

In an experiment, a transgenic. plant was generated by insertion of  T-DNA ( containing a Kanamycin-resistance gene) into a gene “A”.

Self-pollination of the T0 plant generated F1 progeny that segregated in a 2 : 1 ratio for resistance : sensitivity to Kanamycin.

These observations indicate that …

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What is the effect of sudden increase in the levels of ATP and citrate on an erythrocyte undergoing glycolysis?

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In a linkage map, two genes A and B, are 70 cM apart. If individuals heterozygous for both the genes are test crossed number of progeny with parental phenotype will be:

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Identify the plant species from which artemisinin, an antimalarial drug, is extracted

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The following statements are made:

A. α and β anomers of glucose are interconvertible and the ratio of
their abundance is 1:2, respectively.

B. Single chain lipids ( C14) form micelles and double chain lipids
form bilayers in water.

C. Proline is energetically favoured at the C-termini of an -helix
than at the N-termini.

D. Major groove of DNA readily accommodates several common
structural motifs in protein than the minor groove.

E. Replacement of a canonical Watson-Crick pairing by Wobble
base pairs does not change the surface properties in t-RNA.

Which one of the following combinations is INCORRECT?

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A species whose life history strategies allow for high intrinsic rates of increase (r- strategist) will also exhibit the following EXCEPT

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Proteins with cytoplasmic domains having tyrosine kinase activity do NOT act as receptors for …

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