Biochemistry MCQ Quiz

Biochemistry quiz, biochemistry mcq quiz
Biochemistry quiz
Biochemistry quiz, biochemistry mcq quiz
Biochemistry quiz

Check points before attempting this Biochemistry MCQ Quiz:

  1. There are 25 questions in Biochemistry MCQ quiz . Attempt all MCQs it’s totally worth it (Don’t do it in final CSIR NET JRF EXAM, as there you will have more freedom of choice for questions and limited time like in final exam you have to answer 25 questions out of 75 , which means you can attempt 1 question out of 3 in 2 hours (give entire 2 hours for part ‘C’ then after completing part ‘C’ go for Part ‘B’ it would be beneficial for you). This biochemistry MCQ quiz has mixed questions of both Part C and Part B. In this Biochemistry MCQ quiz we haven’t given you optional questions as we have included only selective topics from Biochemistry like :
  • Enzymes
  • Carbohydrates
  • Amino Acids
  • Ramachandran plot
  • Protein structure

2. All these 25 Biochemistry questions has taken directly from CSIR NET Life Science previous year’s question papers. So it may seems difficult for you if you are the beginner, so just go through the entire quiz and read all the questions carefully write down the concepts or words that you have encountered 1st time in life and search them in books and online resources! You can Download Free Biochemistry Books in pdf format provided by

3. Then after completing your studies again come back to quiz and attempt these Biochemistry questions you will find it little bit easy than your previous attempt. Repeat this strategy for rest of the test and you will find you are becoming better and better day by day, Remember you can’t learn Life Science in just one day it needs consistent efforts with well planned strategy.

4. The rest biochemistry questions we will cover in upcoming test series no. 2nd, 3rd, 4th…! You have 2500 seconds ( 41 minutes 40 seconds) to complete this test means average 100 seconds for each question) after that answering all biochemistry questions, the quiz will automatically submit and it will generate your result immediately !

5. Some of these Biochemistry mcq quiz questions are too short that it takes less than 30 seconds to read hence read biochemistry MCQ carefully (invest your time in question once you understand the soul of the question you will win half of your battle there itself) and you don’t need to come back again after reading options which may drive you in state of confusion and ultimate will waste your time.

6. Don’t Skip biochemistry questions without answering, attempt all of them, as it will test not just your knowledge but also your mental toughness there will be few questions in exam for which you haven’t studied but just logically by elimination method you can solve this kind of questions which will boost your confidence and understanding of exam pattern.

7. Last but not the least, attempt all Biochemistry MCQ quiz questions with full attention without multitasking and any distraction. (If you can’t do it now then don’t attempt it Now, complete your work and then come back, believe me, this biochemistry mcq quiz won’t go anywhere).

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Biochemistry quiz, biochemistry mcq quiz

Biochemistry test 1

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Which nitrogen of adenosine gets protonated if pH of nucleoside is lowered from 7 to 3 ? (JUNE 2012)

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The confirmation of nucleotide in DNA is affected by rotation about how many bonds?

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Which one of the following places has the largest hydrogen bonding possibility?

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In which of DNA, the number of base pairs per helical turn is 10.5? (DEC 2011)

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Out of the statements mentioned below:

A) l-threonine and L-allo-threonine interact identically with plane polarised light.

B) Van der Waals interaction are always attractive.

C) Poly (Pro) II helix is not established by intermolecular hydrogen bonds.

D) The folding of a protein is associated with and overall positive change in free energy and negative change in entropy.

E) Lysine acetylation on histone is associated with losing of histone complex from DNA.

Which of the following combinations is CORRECT ?

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A protein is composed of leucine, isoleucine, alanine, glycine, proline, one lysine, one arginine and two cysteines connected by disulfide bond. Conformational analysis indicates that the protein has elements of helix and beta structure. The protein is most likely____ . (JUNE 2014)

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Which one of the following is the most appropriate statement regarding folded proteins? (JUNE 2014)

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In an Alpha helical polypeptide, the backbone hydrogen bonds are between____. (JUNE 2015)

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Indicate which one of the following statements about nucleic acids and protein structures is correct? (JUNE 2016)

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Which one of the following is unfavourable for protein folding ? (JUNE 2014)

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Indicate which one of the following statements about nucleoc acids and protein structures is correct? (JUNE 2016)

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Choose the correct statement about peptides in Ramachandran plot. (DEC 2016)

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The φ and ψ values of β-stand composed of all D-amino acids will mainly occupy which quadrant in the Ramachandran plot? (DEC2017)

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The area of allowed regions in the Ramachandran map will be least for____.(DEC 2011)

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Choose the correct statement for the following: (DEC 2017)

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From the following statements, pick the combination with all INCORRECT statements.

A)The enzymes enhance reaction rate for factor of 2 to 10.

B) The activation energy for a reaction is lowered by enzymes.

C) The interactions between enzymes and substrates are hydrogen bonding hydrophobic and ionic.

D) Substrate concentration does not affect the rate of enzyme catalyzed reaction.

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Enzyme parameters of four isozymes is given in the table. These isozymes are localised in different tissues. In liver the substrate concentration is 0.2 micromolar. The liver isozymes is likely to be _____. (DEC 2014) By: Sachin's Biology

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Indicate the incorrect statement from the following: (DEC 2017)

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Turn over number and specific activity of an enzyme (molecule weight 40000 D) in reaction (Vmax= 4μmol of substrate reacted/ min, enzyme amount = 2μg) are ____. (JUNE 2016)

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A plot of V/[S] versus V is generated for an enzyme catalysed reaction, and a straight line is obtained. Indicate the information that can be obtained from the plot. (JUNE 2012)

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An enzyme catalysed reaction was measured in the presence and absence of an inhibitor for an uncompetitive inhibition,_____. (DEC 2012)

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If the product of an enzyme binds to enzyme-substrate complex to exhibit its activity through a decrease in both Km and Vmax this type of inhibition is called____.

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Reaction products inhibit catalysis enzymes by____. (DEC 2014)

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Michaelis and Menten derived their equation using which of the following assumption? (DEC 2011)

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Enzymes help to lower the activation energies of reactions by____.  (DEC 2013)

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